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After 8 years of working on international projects of various scales, I took the leap of faith to start my own practice to be able to express design with the help of parametric tools to enhance the quality of life as well as built spaces that we spent most of our time in.

Ajmal Majeed

Principal Architect & Founder

Visionary, leader, problem solver, design thinker, human.

Design Philosophy

Architecture is about creating human-centric design solutions based on emotional and physical well-being of it's users. Drawing inspirations from nature that is organically formed by meticulously allowing parameters to shape the design like fluid takes shape of it's container. 

We often neglect the importance of the effect spaces has on our mind. A well balanced design that considers the human parameters at it's core has the power to change the mental state of being for it's users. 

How it started

Hailing from a country rich in heritage like India, growing up in a forward-thinking city like Dubai, and having an opportunity to travel and work on projects across Europe has forged my design thinking to act as a bridge to connect the heritage to the future through contextual interpretations from different parts of the world.

Growing up in Dubai around the time that the city has grown has imbibed a strong affinity for futuristic architecture and the sensitivity towards the impact it has on human lives has pushed me to explore the possibility to make lives better through design.

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